XXV Estoril Jazz - Jazz on a Summer Day 2006






“Estoril Jazz / Jazz On A Summer Day” Festival was conceived and founded in 1982 by Duarte Mendonça. 

The main aim is to promote Jazz music though live concerts with musicians and top international groups, naturally with particular reference to North America.

 The emphasis is on new trends, but still maintaining artistic quality and also diversifying the characteristics of the groups – Vocal/Trios/Quintets, Big Bands, Blues, New Orleans, etc.

Another objective of Projazz/DM is to present the Portuguese public with the largest number possible of big names in Jazz who never performed in our country.  After 34 years in the business, this is becoming increasingly difficult.

To date, we can confirm that we have booked almost one thousand jazz musicians to perform in the Festival formerly known as “Cascais Jazz” and since 1989, “Estoril Jazz”.

In the past (1990/1991), Projazz organised/produced workshops designated by “Projazz International Courses”, which, apart from being highly successful, were considered by participants and critics as the best available in Portugal at that time, both in terms of teaching and artistic standards.

Unfortunately, these courses had to be abandoned due to lack of financial support from the Local Town Hall / Tourism and Cultural institutions.