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PROJAZZ / DM-PRODUCTIONS believes that electronic privacy is crucial for maximum confidence in the Internet as a mean of communication.

PROJAZZ / DM-PRODUCTIONS undertakes to treat computer data of your visitors according to the law, and not making the information available to third parties without the prior consent of those concerned.

Never, under any circumstances, information about the identity of visitors, or any other information relating to an individual visitor,  will be available without your explicit consent.

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By using, and uploading  content, the visitor of this website is required to comply with applicable legislation, namely:

a) the Copyright Code and Related Rights;

b) the Industrial Property Code;

c) the Law of Computer Crimes, not being worthy of consideration invoking the lack of knowledge of legal protection.

The user compromises to act in good faith, not making any use of this website that may offend any third party rights.

The user is authorized to use the content only for strictly personal use, being expressly forbidden to publish, reproduce, disseminate, distribute or otherwise, make content available to third parties for purposes of public communication or marketing, including making it available in any other online service (eg. another website) or in paper copies. The user is also not authorized to make any transformation of content.

Exceptions to this prohibition are the uses authorized by law, including the right to quote, making sure that the source is clearly identified.

Theft, forgery, use of counterfeit or usurped content, illegitimate identification and unfair competition are criminally punishable.

It is also expressly prohibited to the user to create or enter in this site any viruses or programs that may damage or contaminate, and advise others to do so.