Estoril Jazz 2015 Program

Second and third weekends of May,
on the Casino Estoril Auditorium



Cascais, December 12, 2014

The long history of the Estoril Jazz / Jazz In Summer Day - Portuguese Jazz festival of reference, which is now in its 34th uninterrupted edition - proves again some power lines that made of it a unique achievement in our country, in this area, also marked in the programming area by the choice of musicians and groups that generally fall in the motto we have chosen for this year's festival.

Experience, in terms of organization and professionalism, two characteristics that appear to usual followers of Estoril Jazz or its newer members as a guarantee that - with more or less right choices, reaching not guaranteed success, given the unpredictability that featuring the music itself and its interpreters, but usually ensuring great and unforgettable concerts - never sought here, "Sell pig in a poke." The public of Estoril Jazz knows what it comes for and knows what counts.

Tradition, in terms of musical creation considered broadly, always trying to present musicians that, regardless of age, professional experience or aesthetic trend, demonstrate in their daily contact with the public and in the recorded work, the respect for the deep roots of a music with very strong identity.

Youth, which is another hallmark that characterizes this festival, in a line up in which the commitment to undisputed experience of a career full of successes ever can or should prevent themselves from knowing young talents of national and international Jazz, and maintain living and in ever-renewing movement this music we love so much.

Again, in 2015, the general difficulties of the country are reflected with particular sharpness in the field of cultural activities, preventing the Producer of Estoril Jazz to return, as he would like, to the times of the stuffed line ups, being forced to keep, later this year, the decision to only perform four concerts in two weekends in a row.

But, after all, the essential programmatic and cultural principles remain, with a choice of great maturity musicians, who are already a certainty and security in the musical plan, along with other young musicians whose talent and creative potential trajectories do guess that was configured as very promising.

For example, a handful of young Portuguese musicians, all of them still living the freshness and vigor twenties and delivered in body and soul to a song that today crossed the border and became universal. In some cases even students seeking almost all superior academic training, but have professionals with proven, Ricardo Toscano (alto sax), João Pedro Coelho (piano), Romeo Tristão (bass) and João Pereira (drums), are examples of a new generation of Portuguese Jazz musicians that rises, forming a quartet (with guest Diogo Duque on trumpet), led by Ricardo Toscano but showing talent and musicality distributed equally, that was just chosen to inaugurate the second part of the festival.

With trumpeter Sean Jones, ahead of a quartet characterized by experience and script of the best known clubs and big stages, we have the example of a refined technique in performing, as today requires the musicians on their way to maturity, whose qualities not only reside in the stunning area of the instrument but spill over into the more creative side of this music: the natural ability of improvisation and imagination that marks this feature so essential to the Jazz.

The first weekend inaugurates with a concert that is expected to make history in its long journey. It is the creative duo par excellence: the voice needs, letterhead, expressive and flawless diction Roseanna Vitro, a singer who usually doesn’t make first pages or magazine covers but is always a guarantee of a very adjusted choice, a repertoire of election and good taste in her voice and prosodic treatment. It will have at her side, on an equal footing, of course valuing the concert, a master of aesthetic timeless piano, a musician of great culture and ingenuity, as this is another US: Kenny Werner.

Finally, closing the Festival, we will meet the great hard-bop tradition revisited and reassessed creatively by Opus 5 quintet ("The Mingus Alumni"), co-led by Seamus Blake (tenor sax), Alex Sipiagin (trumpet) David Kikoski (piano), Boris Kozlov (bass) and Donald Edwards (drums), some of them already from the stage of the festival goers and regular members of groups or orchestras were formed to preserve the continuity of Charlie Mingus music.

After all - but without forcing the note stating what is irrefutable - again can predict that Estoril Jazz / 2015 will match again, its most important theme of all:

Jazz is the best Music in the World!

Duarte Mendonça - Artistic Director / Executive Producer
Inês Pires - Secretary
Phone: (+351) 214 827 862
Fax: (+351) 214 827 863


"The closure is gorgeous !!! Opus 5 is one of the major current ensembles ...
Werner , I heard him 2 years ago in Guimarães, a pianist of fine hands, an intellectual (writes beyond playing) and a philosopher. Stack with the fact that he played with Joe Lovano (many years), Chris Potter, David Douglas and others...
I leave to the end my review of Ricardo Toscano (I hope he'll be accompanied by Diogo Duque), a young prodigy of Portuguese jazz, a force of nature, an eagerness to learn, drinking from the Masters their culture, that combines with his inventiveness. An excellent choice!
Another Estoril Jazz is coming ....
Go, Duarte !
Peace, Health and Harmony ... With Melody !"

Pedro Marinho da Silva, 29/01/2015