Program Estoril Jazz 2014

On the first and second weekend of May,
at the Casino Estoril Auditorium



Cascais, March 27th, 2014

Even in a hard time for the country, caused by the international and national economic crisis, with serious repercussions on living conditions of the great majority of the people, consumption and dissemination of the various fields of art and culture cannot be kept hostage of alibis relied on the pretext of a less favorable situation, neither the mechanisms of public and private funding of arts can be indifferent to the effort, so often misunderstood or underestimated, of the actual promoters of Culture, in particular those that do not sell "pig in a poke" and are on the ground since long time.

Already in the third year of its fourth decade of existence, Estoril Jazz Festival, as always out of the continued effort and artistic direction of Duarte Mendonça - a true lover of Jazz, for his determination and initiative, since 44 years ago seeks to place disclosure in fair rightful place in the Portuguese art scene - has been directly or indirectly affected in recent years by the surrounding difficulties. Aggravating an already difficult situation, the usual support of institutional sponsors of the festival has been substantially reduced this year.

For this reason, Estoril Jazz 2014 is forced to reduce the number of concerts, concentrating their performances in the first and second weekends of May.

However, rather than the expected - and faithful as always, to the desires and tastes of the many spectators who, every year, expect the enjoyment of a festival that raises their confidence and intellectual pleasure - the quality of the artists chosen to this year's festival was not decreased. Rather, it is with great satisfaction that we can already announce a set of musicians, soloists and groups, highly talented, competent and representative of various aesthetic currents, but all based, or departing from the respect for the tradition of a style of music with well-defined roots. This time, with the novelty of the wider participation of excellent European Jazz musicians.

Choosing this year, in two of the four concertos, the unusual formation of the duo, Estoril Jazz is sure that the loyal viewers will admire the creativity of the musicians, all of them of the very first forefront in contemporary international Jazz scene, and clearly at ease in this more open form of musical creation.

On the other hand, it was also sought to maintain the presence of instrumental configurations, whose constitution is more traditional, and whose presence is most common in our stages.

Given these constraints, but keeping respect for these major orientation lines, we can already announce that the dates and musical presences chosen for the 33rd edition of the festival will be the following:

— Eric Alexander UK All Stars Quintet
    Saturday, May 3rd (9:30 PM)
— Kenny Barron / Dave Holland Duo
    Sunday, May 4th (7:00 PM)

— Francesco Cafiso Quartet
    Saturday, May 10th (9:30 PM)
— Dave Douglas / Uri Caine “Duos”
    Sunday, May 12th (7:00 PM)

The presence of prominent musicians, as those of the two duos chosen for this festival - and the fact that, in the several group formations that always confirm their invention and musicality, never cease to constitute, at the same time, a highly personalized presence - is the guarantee that the concerts involving veteran masters like pianist Kenny Barron and bassist Dave Holland, or younger reference musicians as trumpeter Dave Douglas and pianist Uri Caine, will leave their mark in the most recent history of Estoril Jazz.

Also the discovery of British Jazz, so unfairly unknown among us, personified by the members of the All Stars, who will be alongside of a great American soloist - saxophonist Eric Alexander – will not overshadow the interest for the overflowing talent of a very young Italian saxophonist, Francesco Cafiso, who will perform at Estoril Jazz in the company of three other compatriots: the excellent members of his quartet.

Moreover, as sometimes happens with albums, the surprise of a very special bonus: a full projection (ca. 120m), Saturdays 3rd and 10th May (at 7:00 PM) with free entrance to a remarkable film – “Improvisation” – produced by Norman Granz, featuring great historical musicians like Hawkins, Ella, Lester, Dizzy, Peterson, Basie or Ellington, and Charlie Parker unreleased performances. 

For all this, we can once again say that Estoril Jazz 2014 corresponds to its motto: 

Jazz is the best music in the world!

Duarte Mendonça – Artistic Director / Executive Producer
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